About us


Food From Home is a pioneer and leader in the sourcing and importation of plantain into South Africa.
Founded in 2015, we truly go to the ends of the earth to find and source the best quality products for our customers.Food From Home was initially created to cater for a niche market: expats from regions like Latin America, India, West and Central Africa who wanted food from home – in particular, that notable staple, plantain.After an intensive research, we established supplier partnerships in North and South America, pioneering a unique process to facilitate the long product transit times.Our technology and high standards ensure that fresh, premium-quality fruit arrives on South African shores and can be found in local stores year round.

Since 2016, we have imported and distributed 1,000 tons of fresh plantains in South Africa every year. As demand for plantain in South Africa continues to grow, Food From Home is expanding its offering, reaching into healthy deliciousness territory with its range of Plantain Chips.

Our Facilities

Food From Home runs a worldclass operation, applying the highest standards to sourcing, warehousing, handling, packing and sorting its products. We pride ourselves on our ability to distribute the right products at the right time and at the right levels of ripeness from our degreening, cold storage and packaging facilities to our discerning customers, which include informal markets, supermarket chains and fashionable restaurants all over South Africa.

Our Team

At Food From Home, we love what we do. We are a dynamic team of explorers, arrangers, planners, trouble shooters and plantain ambassadors. We are sticklers for detail and we love happy customers. Chances are, if you have seen plantain at a local market or supermarket, we are responsible for it being there! Bringing you high-quality ‘food from home’ makes us proud.

Plantain Chips!

Consumers are demanding healthier foods. They want convenience and they want variety. Plantain Chips tick every box and the Food From Home team loves to please. We are proud to be first in South Africa to bring these healthy, tasty alternatives to traditional chips to retail. Finally, a taste experience that’s delicious AND vegan, gluten free, cholesterol free and transfat free.